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Welcome to Alan's Wacky World of Bagpipes images page. As stated elsewhere at my site: "Because there exists a growing body of bagpipe related information and resources on the Internet, particularly for the Great Highland Bagpipe, the emphasis of these pages will be on lesser known varieties which have not been covered as completely by other sites." If you have images, or links to sites that have images that ought to be here, send an e-mail to me (use the 'Contact' button on the navigation table at the bottom of the page) and I'll be happy to add them to these pages; I am especially looking for Middle-Eastern, and Balkan piping images. Below, you will find a catagorized list to help you locate specific groups of images with descriptions. Also, be sure to visit my home page (the link is at the bottom of this page) to view the Table of Contents of other interesting pages at my site.

Now, see if you can solve this:

"The living carries the dead.
The dead cries out with a loud voice.
The living is out of breath."
What is it?
(An old Maltese riddle)

(The answer is located at the bottom of this page.)

The Bagpipe Images Pages

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Museums and Collections

Where to find information about, and see actual instruments is a common question. There are a great number of museums throughout the World - some with musical instrument collections. But which ones have bagpipes on display? The following is a selection of museums with known bagpipe collections. Please feel free to let me know of the many others that exist so that they can be added to the list -  preferably with a brief description, and if possible, photos of exhibits, availability of catalogues, plans, web links, etc., so they can be added to this section with acknowledgements.

The list : 

(more listings to follow later)

(Answer to the riddle: a bagpipe)

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